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How can cash registers help reduce our environmental footprint?

La tendance actuelle voit un nombre croissant d’individus adopter un état d’esprit respectueux de l’environnement, s’efforçant de minimiser leur gaspillage et leur empreinte carbone. Quant aux entreprises, elles reconnaissent elles aussi l’importance d’assumer la responsabilité de leur impact sur l’environnement et de leur consommation d’énergie. Bien qu’une centaine d’entreprises soient responsables de plus de 66 […]

The role of the cash register in building customer loyalty

Avez-vous déjà entendu parler d’une caisse enregistreuse POS ? Pendant des années, votre entreprise a peut-être utilisé un système de gestion de trésorerie obsolète jusqu’à ce que l’idée de passer à une solution de point de vente vous vienne à l’esprit. Une caisse enregistreuse POS intègre plusieurs fonctions de votre ancien système avec des outils […]

How to select the best cash register for your business?

A cash register is an essential piece of equipment for any business, regardless of its size. It not only allows you to manage your cash transactions, but also helps you track your inventory and sales statistics. However, choosing the best cash register for your business can be a daunting task, due to the many models […]

Discover our partner payment terminals Viva Wallet and Atos Wordline

For any merchant, the ability to accept credit card payments is a crucial part of running their business. This makes it easier and faster for customers to pay, and allows merchants to expand their customer base by accepting different payment methods. In this article, we will introduce electronic payment terminals (EPTs) from our partners Viva […]

How to secure your cash register against theft and fraud?

sécurité caisse enregistreuse vol

The cash register is the center of any retail business. A cash register can be just as old-fashioned as a touch-screen device, making it a prime target for thieves and con artists. In this article, we will discuss the best methods to protect your cash register from theft and fraud. We will cover topics such […]

Choosing a cash register for a wide variety of products?

caisse enregistreuse références produits

Whether you are in charge of a merchandise or service establishment, the acquisition of a tactile cash register is a tool that is almost mandatory today for the management of your business. A new generation cash register is an indispensable tool that every business or store should have. It is the way to save a […]

Cash registers: why choose a recent model?

choix modèle récent caisse enregistreuse

Today, faced with ever-increasing performance requirements, the cash registers traditional methods are increasingly showing their limits. Due to the development of new technologies, many cash register solutions have appeared to replace them. But what are the What are the benefits of the latest generation touch cash register and how does it differ from other types […]

Cash registers: How to choose the right touch pad?

choix tablette tactile caisse enregistreuse

Are you planning to upgrading your store? As you probably know, for the proper functioning of your business, you will need to think first about a new cashiering tool. Stand out from the competition by choosing a touch screen cash register on tablet. With many features, this choice is the best solution to modernize your […]

How to choose a cash register with a good service?

service apres vente

Cash register software and after sales service? When purchasing a new cash register software, the fears can be numerous Will I be able to set up my cash register correctly? How do I enter all my products? How to use the dashboard? But then how to choose a cash register with a good service ? […]

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