The end of the EasyShop application is scheduled for January 31, 2024

Migrate now to our new version of the application

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For the continuity of your services, this migration is mandatory

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Here are the stages in your migration

This migration takes only 15 minutes and will take 1 hour to complete.

Identification of your current caisse

Create your EasyShop account

Enter your billing address

Transfer your current subscription (no double billing)

Database information and migration

Application available 15 days after migration

Then accessible only for statistics

Your sales will not be transferred

Discover a whole new ecosystem

With all our internal and external solutions, perform with a complete cash register system.

The benefits of EasyShop

The new application is more powerful and complete

Modular interface

Fully customize your interface by selecting buttons and their locations.

Multi-cash management

Create a network of cash registers for your franchise business or large account

Remote statistics

Consult all your cash register statistics remotely from your store and in real time

A la carte

Offer maximum flexibility to your customers with the integrated a la carte subscription module

Without commitment

Start your business with confidence and test it free of charge and without obligation.

Quality assistance

Easily create your products and services catalog, as well as your sales prices.

Are you using a PAD remote control?

The PAD is now a pay-as-you-go option, but it has been totally reworked for even greater performance. Find out what’s new!


WIFI outages are no longer a problem.


Works equally well on Android, iOS and compatible VSEs.