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Migrate to our new cash register version

Still €49.99 ex VAT per month

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Why move to our new

We’ve been working on this application for several months now, so take advantage of a more powerful, customizable solution.


EasyShop is certified by the French Finance Act, so you can take advantage of the migration.

Free web back-office

For the same price, get a back-office accessible from your computer.

A 100% customizable interface

The interface of your software has been completely redesigned so that it can be modified to suit your internal organization.

Optimized for multi-boutiques

With our web-based back-office, you can manage and connect all your cash registers together. With synchronization of all your data and statistics.

What's going to happen?

We will transfer the configuration of your old till to the new system.

What will be transferred to EasyShop

Your products, formulas, categories, printer settings, customer and loyalty accounts, gift certificates and vouchers.

But also all your statistics to simplify migration to this new version.

What can only be viewed on the old application

Your sales history, receipts, accounts, product image.

For sales data and statistics, your ShopCaisse access will allow you to continue consulting and exporting them.

What EasyShop doesn't offer

The application is in full expansion, and all ShopCaisse functionalities will be integrated.

However, some of these have not yet been developed, such as: product deposit management, reservation and order management, remote kitchen screens, and ticketing management.

And a new interface

The PAD is now a pay-as-you-go option, but it has been totally reworked for even greater performance.


WIFI outages are no longer a problem.


Works equally well on Android, iOS and compatible VSEs.

A new interface