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Easyshop is one of the pioneers in France on the tactile cash register software with more than 3000 customers. Launched in 2013, Easyshop seeks to make day-to-day business management easier by offering intuitive modules, customizable workspaces, to match any organization. Our will? Simplify the management of businesses, so that you can focus on the essentials.

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New ambitions: the Easyshop cash register

To facilitate the accounting operations related to their activity, more and more professionals are looking for software...

The advantages of the touch cash register

As the economy modernizes, so does the use of technology in many businesses. Nowadays...

How to choose a touch cash register?

Choosing a cash register is not an easy step. Currently, many merchants are opting for a touchscreen version

module - fidélité

ShopCaisse innovates for better software

As an expert in the field of iPad cash registers, ShopCaisse is bringing to market a new software for...

Tactile cash registers: why adopt them?

Owning a retail business is certainly not something you can improvise. Indeed, contractors are invited to...

Shopcaisse : the touch screen cash register for IPad

ShopCaisse is a certified iPad cash register offering quality service for all types of businesses...

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