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of the cash register

Discover modules adapted to your activity

Discover among our different modules those useful to your activity, you can
activate them or not, which will have an impact depending on the subscription you have chosen

Loyalty tracking

Build loyalty among your regular customers by offering them gift certificates or vouchers automatically

Inventory management

Enter your inventory in the cashier and the calculation of your stocks is done automatically

Product by weight

Thanks to your connected scale, the price of your products is automatically calculated

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Formulas & Menus

The management of menus and formulas is simplified. Quickly modify their composition according to your availability.

Advanced statistics

Have full visibility on your sales and employee statistics

Multiple cash receipts

Collect your customers with several payment methods

Employee management

The management of several employees is facilitated, each one can identify himself quickly

Options and extras

Each product can have options to match your card

Import and export in bulk

Import and export all your products and customers to simplify your work

Remote printing

With each order, the vouchers are sent directly to where you want them

Product declination

Add the different variations of your products: size, color...

Take out & Delivery

Quickly modify your receipts for delivery or take-out

TPE connection

Automatically transfer the ticket amount to gain productivity and avoid errors

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The cash register integrates a complete barcode management solution

Rights management

Manage employee and manager access from your cash register

Customer account

Saving customer data and date of last visit

Accelerate your business growth with our touch screen cash register solution

E-commerce connection

Automatically transfer the ticket amount to avoid errors

Available soon

Table order management

Your customers can order autonomously from their table thanks to QR codes.

Available soon

Reservation orders

Centralize all your orders and reservations in the application

Available soon

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Accelerated accounting export

Export all your formatted statistical data for accounting reservations in the application

Available soon