Integration of online orders on the cash register software

Adapt to the new era of remote order taking and centralize all your processes.

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Why integrate your online orders
to your cash register software?

No need for a management tablet

Today, with all delivery platforms, you are required to have a tablet for each service like Uber Eat, Deliveroo, Orderoo... The problem with these multiple shelves is this: The requirement to keep your eye on them with the goal of not missing any new orders.

Synchronize your menus, your prices...

With the EasyShop cash register, synchronize all your online orders and your menu to simplify your daily management. You will no longer have to modify your menus and prices for each service.

Update your information in real time

With the online ordering solution offered in the cash register, all your orders are synchronized. With this system of synchronization of information, your accounting is simplified, you will only have to prepare your orders!

Features that will help you make life easier

Everything happens on your register

Receive orders in real time on your cash register.

It's your choice!

Customization of menus and availability times.

One case = 2 displays

Separate display of Click & Collect orders.

Analyze for better management

Analyze your sales with the Sales Report module.

Your accountant will love you

Get a complete accounting report in real time.

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How to install Easyshop ?

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I ask my questions and receive my quote

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