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Manage your cash register remotely with the back office

Keeping it real on the management of your establishment remotely with the back-office

A complete solution for all your cash register management

Complete Dashboard

Daily turnover

Sales details

Sales by hours / days

Comparison N-1 report

Article management

Import / Export

Cash desk centralization

Modification of articles

Creation of articles

Inventory management

Entry of stock

Out of stock

Inventory management

Warehouse stock management


Directory of establishments

Unitary or global management

Consolidation of stocks

Management of multi-tariffs

ERP / CRM / HR Management


Connection with our CRM

Commercial management

Unitary or global management

Loyalty management

Mailing / SMS / Promo

Unitary or global management

Unitary or global management

Export of sales

Accounting management

Data consultation

Period management

Accounting exports

Direct mailing

Activity statistics

Modular exports

Supplier statistics

Product statistics

Management of your warehouses

Sales Management

Centralized sales

Customer purchase details

Centralized loyalty management

Detail by employees

Analyze in more detail your sales, your customers, your margins of your touch screen cash register

back office

All your statistics available in real time

The whole EasyShop solution is accessible and manageable from a complete back-office interface. Make your statistics and accounting export quickly from this software. Moreover, all your statistics are available directly from the EasyShop cash register application. The back-office allows you to go further in your management, but is not mandatory.

Looking for answers?

Easyshop’s back office is an online management interface that enables merchants to manage and configure their cash register system, including products, employees, sales settings, etc. It gives you an overview of your business and enables you to manage your facility remotely.

To access the back office of your touch terminal, you can log in to your professional account using your login details on our application or directly from a web link. From here, you’ll have access to all available management functions.

The Easyshop cash register back office offers a variety of functions, such as product management, employee management, sales tracking, reports and statistics, a multi-store area… It provides a complete solution for all your cash register management needs.

Yes, you can access the back office of your touchscreen cash register from any device with an Internet connection, such as your computer, tablet or smartphone, offering flexible access anytime, anywhere.

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