The new generation of tactile cash registers

The ultimate cash register management tool to boost your business...

Discover an all-in-one solution for an optimized and successful management

Customizable interface

Customize your interface by selecting the buttons needed for your business

Multi-cash management

Create a network of cash registers for your franchise business or large account

Remote statistics

Consult all your cash register statistics remotely from your store and in real time

Subscription à la carte

Offer maximum flexibility to your customers with the integrated a la carte subscription module

Without commitment

Start your business with confidence with 30 days free of charge and without commitment.

Quality assistance

Enjoy fast and competent customer support available to you at any time

A cash register suitable for all activities

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Modules personnalisables

A reliable equipment for an optimal management of your store or business

Turn your tablet into a full-featured touch cash register with EasyShop. Ticket printer, cash drawer, barcode reader, POS system… All necessary hardware can be connected to the application. Available on iPad and Android, EasyShop offers an easy and wireless connection to all your equipment with connection options such as WIFI or Bluetooth

Customize your cash register from A to Z...

The products

Add and modify as many products as you want in the cash register using a complete dedicated interface

The buttons

All the buttons of the cash register can be modified, the product buttons, the navigation buttons.

The colors

For a clearer graphic chart in your cashier interface, the color of the buttons is customizable.

The layout

The organization of your cash register is essential to adapt to your business, so the entire layout is configurable.