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of the cash register

Discover modules adapted to your activity

Discover which of our modules are useful for your business, and activate them or not, depending on the subscription you choose.

Sales modules

Discover the sales modules for your cash register

Article modules

Discover article modules for your cash register

Administrative modules

Discover the administrative modules for your cash register

Discover our sales modules

Discover all the cash register sales modules to monitor and improve your sales activity and enhance your customers’ experience.

module impression ticket caisse

Preparedness management

With each order, the vouchers are sent directly to where you want them

module gestion client fidélité caisse

Customer loyalty

Build loyalty among your regular customers by offering them gift certificates or vouchers automatically

module commande a table

Control room

Your customers can order autonomously from their table

module connexion tpe caisse

TPE connection

Automatically transfer the ticket amount to gain productivity and avoid errors

module division note caisse

Note sharing

Collect your customers with several different payment methods without asking any questions

module commande en ligne caisse

Delivery & take away

Quickly modify your receipts for delivery or take-out

module fidélité caisse enregistreuse

Customer account

Save your customers' data and the date of their last visits

module balance connectée caisse

Connected scale

Thanks to your connected scale, the price of your products is automatically calculated

module commande en ligne caisse

Click and collect

Centralize all your orders and reservations in the application

Discover the article management modules

Manage your products efficiently with our item management modules. Features to improve product management and boost profitability.

module déclinaison produits caisse

Declination management

Add the different variations of your products: size, color...

module gestion produits caisse

Imports and exports of products

Import and export all your products and customers to simplify your work

module code barre caisse enregistreuse

Reader for barcode

The cash register integrates a complete barcode management solution

module gestion stocks caisse

Inventory management

Enter your inventory in the cashier and the calculation of your stocks is done automatically

module formule menu caisse

Formulas & Menus

The management of menus and formulas is simplified, quickly modify their composition according to your availability.

module options et suppléments caisse

Options and extras

Each product may have additional options to match your card

Discover administrative modules

Optimize your administrative management with our software’s administrative modules and save time and productivity with advanced tools.

module gestion employés caisse

Employee management

The management of several employees is facilitated, each one can identify himself quickly

module gestion droits caisse

Access code and lock

Manage the access and rights of your employees and managers from your cash register

module statistiques avancées caisse

Advanced statistics

Have full visibility on your sales and employee statistics

Accelerate your business growth with our touch screen cash register solution

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